At the occasion of our exclusive partnership with the online marketplace platform Claire Global, there was no better person to give you a closer look at it than its Co-founder & Export Manager, Ricardo Fierro.

Here are some questions he answered for us

Who are you?

“I am Ricardo Fierro, co-founder & Export Manager of Clair Global. I have more than 20 years of experience in international business in countries like Panama, Chile, Luxembourg, USA, etc…”

What is Claire Global?

“Claire Global is the revolution! It is an international online marketplace that allows exporters from any country to connect with importers from any other one without any intermediate. It is the new international way to make business.”

Why did you decide to create Claire Global?

“My partner Ramon Sanchez Ocaña and I decided to help other companies to find the right way to sell to other countries. Our experience over the table ad our main focus over new technologies applications. We are sure Claire Global will be the next tool for international business. With our designers we spent two years to make possible this dream and now we can say Clair Global is the next virtual revolution!”

What do you think are the advantages of a Marketplace?

“We are the bridge between suppliers and customers, direct and efficient.”

3 tips to success on Claire?

“You must have good products at good price and good packaging. This is Claire Global”

Make sure to visit his platform at Claire Global and get to meet new suppliers/clients all over the world!



Author : Miryam Nazih