Covid-19 has proven to be a nightmare for over 200 countries in the world, with the health system collapsing, the economy going drastically down, and patients increasing day by day. However, there is the other side of every situation.

Changes for the planet

The global pandemic has proved to be a blessing in disguise for the earth as it has restored its form during the few weeks of the ban on human activities. The sky looks more beautiful due to fewer fumes of pollution coming out of factories and merging in the atmosphere. Greener Earth is visible on images from satellites. Lockdowns in various parts of the world helped reduce traffic on roads; hence, the world has recorded significantly low noise and air pollution. These magical changes in the earth’s climate sadly show how severely humans had been affecting it.

Importance of Technology

The pandemic has made people realize the importance of technological advancement and how adapting to new changes could help them in various ways. Online learning is a shining example. Because most schools and universities are closed for an unknown period, students have switched to remote learning. This way, teachers connect with pupils through online portals and still manage to utilize their precious time by provision of online lessons. Some schools have recently started those portals, which benefits students and schools and teachers in earning their income.

Upgrade in the healthcare system

The healthcare system almost collapsed in every other country, including developing countries like the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The health sector needs significant improvements for the world to survive any future crisis of the same kind.

More doctors and healthcare officials need to be registered, and the strict system of their admission should show a little bit of leniency. Because of this pandemic, nations have come to realize the importance of a well-structured healthcare system to cope with maximum capacity at the same time.

Online business

Many organizations have shifted their business from outlets to e-stores. This transformation would not be possible until the next few decades if this pandemic did not strike. The traditional way of marketing has moved to an advanced level, a technological move that is well utilized by people since people prefer to shop online, instead of putting themselves at the risk of catching viruses.

Harmony among Governments

In the outbreak of a deadly virus that has killed over four million people, hundreds of thousands are still fighting for their lives in the hospitals.

Nevertheless, we have witnessed great harmony among nations as a positive outcome. Countries are helping each other in coping up with the consequences of Covid-19. Developed countries have granted medical supplies, including masks, protective gear for medical staff, and sanitizers to the underdeveloped countries. Whereas, some states have contributed to the delivery of ventilators and oximeters to the nations who were facing shortages. There has been no proceeding on wars or negative strategies from any state against the other.