One question that businessmen are repetitively asking these days is whether Distributors are essential or the final clientele. As you already know, there are four components of any business, i.e., Manufacturer / Producer, Distributor / Wholesaler, Retailer / Shop Keeper, and Customer / End-consumer. All the elements of this business process are like Pieces on a chessboard; you need to know their application and significance. A good chess player and a great entrepreneur know how to strategically place their pawns, rooks, bishops, and the royal couple. That is to say, all parts of a business transaction are equally important, but the essential component is the final client. Your client’s firm is the one that will use your goods or services eventually.

Engaging your final client is the primary goal of any organization. If it is a B2C form of a commercial transaction, your company will have the opportunity to indulge your client and meet his/her satisfaction level. Whereas, a traditional B2B, business to business, environment for selling your products or services typically involves an intermediary, a mediator, or a distributor. This distributor could be a wholesaler, dealer, Retailer, consultant, or a direct distributing network of the manufacturer itself. Nevertheless, engaging the final client is not so difficult if you adopt the following techniques.

Key Accounts Channel

It is also known as account-based marketing, in which you identify the key accounts. The Key account is a term used for your leading clients. When you identify your best clients and your organization’s focus shifts to selling more goods or services to that particular clientele of yours, they could bring more turnover than an ordinary client with no sales volume. The idea is all about flourishing the network you already have, instead of reinventing the wheel.

Corporate Events

  • Arranging seminars, exhibitions, an annual gala
  • New product launch meetings, conferences,
  • Training workshops
  • Motivational sessions, Guest Speaker hearings
  • Award ceremonies, certificate distributions

All the events mentioned above, or any interactive client-based activities are the most efficient ways to engage your final clients. The more interaction you develop with your customers, the more fruitful the relationship becomes for your business.

Social Media Groups

Organizations arrange virtual sessions, zoom meetings (especially in COVID-19 pandemic), and use social media to connect with their clients. Big organizations go the extra mile sometimes and even arrange concerts for their clientele. Regular Tweets, YouTube channel, Whatsapp groups, and Facebook pages are accessible portals for creating a comfortable space between business and its clients. Exploring the option of Microblogging is the point to ponder of this article. It is vital to engage with your final client one way or another, and in the wake of social media usage, it might prove to be the best tool.

Website subscription

If your clients are registered with your website for an Email subscription, you could use it to your advantage. Sending regular emails about the updates and sharing the company’s vision is a great way to communicate with your final clients. A press release or a newsletter is the old-school style of staying in contact with the clientele.