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A Series of Live and on demand sessions and Webinars that address hot topics and trends in the food industry to help you make the most of your dollars.

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The foodeshow platform presents the best features technology can offer coupled with Artificial Intelligence for better and faster lead generation.

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Being borderless, the foodEshow allows brands to engage with qualified communities all over the world for 4 months. Nurturing the relationship is key

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Join Food industry buyers and suppliers from over 100 countries

The Foodeshow is your B2B platform to finding the right supplier and the perfect technology or service. You’ll grow your business and be up to take all the challenges that the food industry throws your way.
Innovation is the name of the game. Even the biggest companies in the industry have joined our community. We’re here to help you. Don’t be left out.


Following a hugely productive 2 editions of the show, we were overwhelmed by the feedback we got from our participants, the connections that were made, the products and services that were showcased and the networking options that were explored.

JBHG Ltd along with Greativa Consulting Group and Wink Consulting teams would like to pass on our sincere gratitude to the various government, NGO, agencies, partners, speakers and leading manufacturers who participated in the discussion, the networking sessions to make these few days impactful and packed with opportunities for all parties.

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The VIB program is a dedicated B2B platform that facilitates business undertaking and maximizes return on investment for participants, thru expansion of their business network and signing agreement during the show.
It is free for the buyer.
Our VIB program is efficient, effective, and time-saving. We leave nothing to chance.
You’ll only negotiate with suppliers that meet your needs. It’s the perfect program for
busy buyers to find creative and innovative products and services.
Take your business to the next level.

The Foodeshow In The News

The word had speard on the news in over 30 countries and in 5 different languages

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Whether you are looking for an ingredient, a processed product, a machine or a service, the Foodeshow market place makes easy for you to find and connect. Checkout the below categories

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Membre du CJD Madagascar & France

Serez-vous là ? Qualificative et conviviale cette table Ronde ! Morgan LOIR Tarik MOUNIM Yasser MONKACHI

Jinesh Shah

Founder @ eazyChef, MylkGuys

In a few hours at 11 AM GMT, I will discuss alternative proteins, regulations, the future of food & more with a fantastic panel working across the foodtech spectrum globally. The FoodEshow, Heuda Farah GUESSOUS & team, have done a fantastic job bringing together food industry leaders from over 100 countries to touch on all aspects of the global food industry. Come join us here



Very professionnel and well organised event, plenty of ressources have been made available to guests, along with networking facilitating and all-in-one mobile application. I am surprised of such quality of service, congratulations to jalal and all who has participated in this successful event

GYAN Ravindranath

Research Culinologist

Proud to see our project come to life, Tasty Teaching, making our debut at the #foodeshow. Tasty Teaching has been with FoodTechies Finland since it was founded at the Future Food Institute, Food and Climate Shapers Digital Bootcamp 2020 and looks forward to continuing to support them on their amazing journey to find the link between #mentalhealth, #wellbeing, and #food. #mentalhealthandwellness #startup #mindfuleating #cookingtherapy #foodasmedicine #food4healing #food4thought This wouldn't be possible without Vivian L. Evelina Barbanti Heuda Farah GUESSOUS FoodEshow. Thank you Julia Dalmadi Sara Roversi #sdgs2030 #innovation #entrepreneurship #india #teaching


Innovation Scouting, Strategy, M&A, Board Member

J-2 to attend one of The Top 15 Virtual Event in Food / Agriculture : The Foodeshow 2021 ! The FoodEshow taking place 9-12 March is the first virtual international food trade show that connects buyers and suppliers from more than 100 countries. Still Time to Register!

Ernst-Joerg Oberhoessel

Sales Director Central Europe at ROAMBEE

Thanks for the very interesting agenda!

Mohamed Yousri BEL MAAZA

Marketing And Publicity Intern at FoodEshow

It was really interesting to learn about this Moroccan Success Story in the international Tea Industry 🇲🇦 👏🏽👏🏽 Congratulations on this success, and thanks for sharing and being part of our 2nd edition at the Foodeshow Hamza EL BAROUDI Tarik Mounim #foodeshow


Business Development

Tarik Mounim , CEO In one communication and Hamza EL BAROUDI, Co-Founder of Imperium Building will be present at the Foodeshow 2nd Edition 2021 for a success Story 'Imperium Holding' ! We can't wait to learn more from them.😊



🙏Très heureuse et reconnaissante pour la confiance accordée par Heuda Farah GUESSOUS a STEP UP DIGITAL 👩🏽‍💻 Une belle table ronde « digitale » avec mes amis Tarik Mounim Morgan LOIR et Yassir. Connectez vous pour connaître les bonnes pratiques et les astuces des réseaux sociaux pour mieux valoriser vos produits sur le net.

samia sayarh

Spécialiste en innovation agroalimentaire

Le futur de l’alimentation sur FoodEshow #nutrition # foodeschow #agroalimentaire


Head of Sourcing, Private Label and Export Department chez Label'Vie


Mohamed Yousri BEL MAAZA

Marketing And Publicity Intern at FoodEshow

That was a very interesting Keynote Victoria Boldison 🌍 👏🏽👏🏽 Thank you for being part of our 2nd edition at FoodEshow !



J’aurais pas mieux dit ! 🙏 🙏FoodEshow Heuda Farah GUESSOUS

Tarik Mounim

CEO In One Communication

Tarik Mounim A découvrir today sur FoodEshow #Foodeshow


Innovation Scouting, Strategy, M&A, Board Member

One of the projects under my initiative about Morocco-Israël collaboration on innovation : The international FoodEshow by two moroccan founders, Heuda Farah GUESSOUS and Jalal Benbrahim, has Speakers, Exhibitors and Attendees from Israël ! Thanks Jalal Benbrahim and Heuda Farah GUESSOUS for having given me the opportunity to be a speaker at the panel discussion Startup-Corporation Collaboration : Building Win-Win Partnerships at the FoodEshow this afternoon along with Heuda Farah GUESSOUS and Semi Hakim, real pleasure and honor ! The FoodEshow, taking place this week 9-12 March, is the first virtual international food trade show that connects buyers and suppliers from more than 100 countries. Still time to Join and Register!


Rendez vous avec Nizar BEN SALEM et les autres panelistes au FoodEshow le vendredi 12 Mars 2021 à 12H #actconsult #actingtogether #innovation #MENA

Noga Sela Shalev

VP Business Development at Fresh Start

International Women's day or any another day... the point stays the same

African Women in Agriculture and Art

What a good way to celebrate International Women Day. our Founder Angelle Kwemo Angelle B. Kwemo Page will be addressing the need of women in the agricultural and value chain sectors. we are delighted to partner with FoodEshow Heuda Farah Guessous to democratize access to the international market for our AWAA. We will be showcasing women in DRC Mme Eleonore producing Artemesia Mme Keffi who does moringa, Curcuma, cereals in Niger, Mme Nhazanga Pascal who does chili pepper and tomato paste in Cameroon, Mme Dissake who does green pepper of Penja, and honey in Cameroon, Mme Idrisse who produces ginger, Curcuma, kankan and soja in Cameroon. Believe in Africa Join us on #Awaa #internationalwomensday2021 #thefoodshow


'We should celebrate our #differences and uniqueness every single day. These are the very colors that build the most intense and vibrant rainbow we should slide on : #life.'. This is our CEO speaking at FoodEshow's microphone, alongside with Sonalie Figueiras - GREEN QUEEN Veronica Fil & Tamar Saraga for international women's day. 🎤 And hopefully, she will not be quoted next year because such a reminder will not be necessary anymore. Tomorrow's society can be #inclusive, #sustainable, #smart and #fair. Thanks to us. Thanks to you.

Elisabeth ALFANO

Founder, Plant Powered Consulting...

FANTASTIC! Thank you for having me!!! WOW - well done!

Mohamed EL KANDRI, MBA, MTech, CED

Co-Founder & CTO IR4LAB

And it's a wrap! I had the pleasure speaking at the second edition of the FoodEshow event alongside a great lineup of speakers from different industries and from the five continents, to discuss the impact new technologies, especially Blockchain, are having on the food industry. It was such a great experience that I am already looking forward to the next edition. A big shout out to the organizers for the work they have put in and the quality of content.



Excellent !

Karim Ben Maïz

Commercial Business Development Expert on North Africa Market

It was a very good event ! Thank you !

Widad Yesfi

Student at FST de Fés

Hello dear Heuda, i would like to thank you for givng me the opportunity to participate in this wonderfull event I am so grateful

Karim Ben Maïz

Commercial Business Development Expert on North Africa Market

A great event full off conferences and networking


CEO In One Communication

Thank you #foodeshow it was a really interesting forum , amazing speakers. I learn a lot about the food industry. Thank you to give us the opportunity to share @TaibandHurry



Merci à vous surtout


CEO In One Communication

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Thank you Heuda Farah GUESSOUS Jalal Benbrahim for this amazing event 100% on line ! It was a real pleasure for me to be part of all those panel discussions with amazing speakers, experts, entrepreneurs, startups, professionnals of the FoodIndustry. Thank you again to give us the chance to share our new concept #TaibandHurry with our artist #XanderPratt and #FaycalZahraoui


CEO In One Communication

Thank you #Foodeshow itw as a really interesting forum, amazing speakers. I learn a lot about the food industry. Thank you to give us the opportunity to share @TaibandHurry

Leila RADI

Compliance and Regulatory Food Safety Senior Consultant

This was my second edition and the growth is remarkable, the variety of speakers and topic opened up my horizon and got me out of my regulatory and compliance food safety bubble for 4 days. The great think is that while the show is over it’s not realy over : the exhibits are still here , the business cards , the contacts and the conferences I missed witch I can finally listen to at my own pace and all will reamain like this 4 months. There is no other show like this ! Regards

Clémence LANDEAU

Update FOODS Co-Founder & CEO

Thanks for creating this huge, game changing platforme to help us creat synergies and smart connexions !