Tell us about yourself

I develop tailor-made strategies for specific local markets with FMCG business owners and CEOs specifically in the plant-based food/dairy category.

How would describe your professional career?

30 years of learning, growing and connecting in various SMEs, startups and in global senior management positions at Nestlé. Awards, failures, being celebrated and being retrenched were integral part of it.

Can you tell us about a time where you encountered a business challenge?

We did not succeed to enter the most important plantbased market in Europe in the UK. Built a business plan, launched at Sainsbury’s in frozen first, then expansion to others were planned. Tesco were not interested as we hoped, we changed strategies in the portfolio, and focused on raw plantbased products. After shifting, finetuning and trial & error, we managed to have the opportunity finally for market entry test in 400 stores nationwide. It was a strong collaboration between a lot of people involved. We kept on fighting and did not give up.

Which supporting skills do you think are most important when it comes to leadership?

Love. The love for people and for the world makes a leader a force-for good for all stakeholders. The way you lead with inner love empowers others and make them grow as persons and as professionals. Business success is a mere logical consequence.

What steps do you take to make sure that projects are completed on time, on budget, and to the proper standard?

The very first thing for me is to deeply understand the goal and why I do this project and draw an inner picture of success. The rest is project management and connection to other people. Ask for feedback, and continuously improve.

What are you passionate about?

Am passionate about food and meditation. Food is cultural and make us use our senses. Different regions, countries or places have their own traditions and we learn a lot about one another. For me, connecting to others over food is one of the most fascinating things. The other side is connecting to my own self, listening to the inner voice and intuitive guidance and being in the present moment. It helps me to transform myself and improve as a human being.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I advice CEOs and business owners in SMEs with tailor-made strategies for specific global markets in FMCG and combine professional business management expertise with a conscious mindset. I am a spiritual business leader.

How do you see the food industry? 

I see transparency and consciousness evolving strongly in mature food markets while in developing markets it will contribute to improve the malnutrition and feed more people. It will be more and more about better, more natural and plant-based ingredients. We are what we eat today, we become what we eat tomorrow.

The foodeshow in 2 words

Connecting people and deeping the conversations around food and business. A good platform.

Your advice to the foodeshow community 

Take a mentor that helps you become the best version of yourself. Someone that gives you a brutally honest perspective and helps you and your team evolve and succeed. Treat your employees and partners above their expectations. 

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