Always networking

country delagation participation


Minimum 10 companies –

Virtual Booths that generate leads

  • Exhibitor video and collateral
  • Instant Video calls with lead scoring
  • Live chat with sales staff
  • Inbound meetings
  • Showcase products
  • Livestream product demos with Q&A

Virtual Meetings

  • Reminder notifications
  • Launch video calls
  • Redirection to sponsor profiles
  • Share documents
  • Add notes, ratings, tags and export leads

Virtual Meetings – Outbound

  • AI recommended people to meet
  • See who’s online
  • Advanced filters
  • Chat with anyone
  • Book virtual meetings

Display your product gallary

  • Suggested products to buy
  • Advanced filters
  • Multiple product categories
  • Save favorite products

Generate orders as an exhibitor

  • Request a Quote
  • Chat with a sales rep
  • Customizable Form
  • Access exhibitor’s virtual booth

Follow your ROI in real-time

  • Volume of leads by rating
  • Lead source tracking

A pavillion with 10 booths yearly subscription

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